16 May 2011

Because we're brothers. And we sorta like each other.

It's fun to watch Asher and Jack start to act more like brothers. Jack smiles and giggles every time he sees Asher. Asher must know where Jack is and what he is doing every second of the day. Of course, the other side of being brothers is the fighting over toys. Anytime Jack can get close enough he grabs whatever Asher is playing with and sticks it in his mouth. This, of course, irritates Asher to no end.

I guess Asher finally got tired of Jack taking cars from him and decided that Jack just needed to start playing. He asked me to put Jack on the bed and he went and got two trucks and started telling Jack exactly what to do.

Asher drive big truck and Baby Gack drive dis truck.

No Gack, no drive dat way. Drive dis way.

Jack already thinks Asher is the greatest thing ever. Asher also thinks Asher is the greatest thing ever.

The other night we stuck Jack in bed with Asher after bath time. Asher was afraid Jack was going to snatch his blanket and dog. He had good reason to be worried, Jack grabs that stuff anytime it's near him.


Mark and Beth said...

i love it! sounds just like jake and sam:) they are so fun. it's only going to get better as jack and sam get older and can really "play" with their big brothers. what a blessing our boys are!

has asher started putting toys, etc. in jack's mouth for him to gum on? jake loves to "help" sam by doing this. too funny! in fact, i have to tell jake not to feed sam his puffs when sam's in his seat, otherwise jake will stand there and feed sam. all sam does is open his mouth and jake puts the food in! these boys are so silly... and so fun to watch!

keep the pictures and stories coming. love reading your posts!

Anthony & Sharon said...

:D The love and the fighting over toys and the amount of little naked toddlers running around just increases the older they get. It just gets better (and the fighting part, more aggrivating, but the lovign part offsets it;)

Cute boys!