29 May 2011

Asher Boy

Asher, Asher, Asher. He's a handful these days. He can be so sweet and so funny and he can be, well, a two year old. Two year olds seem to be quite dramatic.

He is potty-trained I suppose. I guess I should say that my definition of potty-trained is wearing underwear when he is awake. I have absolutely no interest in dealing with pee while he is asleep. After dreading the whole potty thing for a long time we finally took the plunge and it was pretty easy. I put him in underwear, gave him lots to drink and then he yelled POTTY! We went to the bathroom, he went potty and that was that. There were also M&M's and a stuffed bear in underwear involved in the process.

There have been a few accidents here and there. There have definitely been some fits about not wanting to actually have to go to the bathroom, but we are dealing with it. Most of the accidents happen at school and I'm not sure if that's because Asher is busy and doesn't remember or because Asher yells POTTY at a teacher that doesn't speak English.

At this point I really don't care if he sleeps in diapers until he goes to middle school or at least until it's not rainy season and I have a chance of getting sheets to dry quickly. We are really proud of him for catching on to the whole thing so quickly and we are constantly amazed at just how long he can hold it when he really needs to finish playing cars/watching a movie/eating/riding his bike.

Way to go Asher Boy!

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