27 May 2011


Fridays are Thai outfit day at Asher's school. The first week Asher didn't have an outfit, but some friends from church took care of us and made sure he had what he needed.

He wasn't too happy about the new outfit when he first put it on. He's finally gotten used to all of his other school clothes and didn't appreciate having another new thing forced on him.

Of course, he forgot about it soon enough and was just excited about going to school.

And finally, some Photoshop fun.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Yessssss!!! I knew M.C. Hammer didn't come up with his pants on his own! Asher looks snazzy...I can see this pic on his wedding video one day. And yay for potty training! Isaac got a "B+" in personal hygeine on his report card...not sure what that's about since we bathe him every morning before school. Though I wonder if it was his once-a-week (sometimes twice) pee or poop the pants episode. If Asher gets graded on that, ask them and lemme know!