09 May 2011

Fun at a Park and Other News

Last Saturday night we went to a new park on the other side of the city. After a train ride and a long, hot walk we finally found it. Jack rode in the baby carrier and Asher rode in the stroller. When we got to the park I took Jack out of the carrier and had to walk around with a sweaty imprint of him on my shirt. If you look carefully you can see it in the picture.

The reason we went all the way to this park was to rent a bicycle. Roger and Asher got a bike and had a blast riding around. I think in the picture Asher was yelling "Go Daddy go!" in a not so patient voice.

While they were enjoying their bike ride Jack and I strolled around, ate some fruit and sat on a bench by the pond.

In other news, school starts next week. Asher finished up his summer school term and has been enjoying a nice break at home with me and Baby Gack. Asher loves his school, loves his teacher and loves eating.

We now have Asher's uniforms (with his name sewn on the front) and we have his black school shoes, still need to get white shoes for sports day and socks. Next Wednesday Asher will join millions of other Thai school children on the first day of Term 1, Year 2554 (Thailand even has it's own years).

In even more news, Asher is potty trained. He's such a perfectionist. He refused and refused and refused the past few months and then all the sudden he was like, okay, got it. And that was that. It was very typically Asher.

And in Jack news, well, nothing new to report. He's still chunky and sweet and he has really big eyes.


Emily said...

Hooray for potty-trained Asher! I'm steadfastly avoiding getting serious about it. The potty has been out for a month but Gracie is scared of it. :(

Anthony & Sharon said...

"That was that"?!?! What is your definition of "potty trained." Has he not had any accidents or do you just mean, "Now he will wear big boy underwear night and day and approach the potty without screaming and willingly." Semantics! In another couple weeks, I'd love a post about accidents or not!!

Also school uniforms are too cute and so is baby Jack!

roger and courtney said...

The semantics of our potty training: he wears underwear and doesn't have accidents when he is awake, but he wears diapers when he's asleep (I have no interest in messing with the boy and his sleep). He had one accident the first day and another the second day when I left him alone while I was doing something with Jack. Other than that he tells me when he needs to go.