22 May 2011

School Days

The new term started last week and we sent Asher off to school again. He was so excited to get to go back and see his teachers.

The first day of school he wore his regular school uniform.

The second day of school was a sports day, so he wore his sports uniform.

His school logo is picture of Jesus with some children, so Asher refers to his sports shirt as his Jay-sus shirt and his backpack as his Jay-sus packpack. He has somehow picked up this strange accent, it's like he's an old southern preacher/rapper. Throw in the tonal sounds of Thai and he has some pretty unique ways of saying words.

Asher says....paints. Asher means...pants.
Asher says...heeer. Asher means...hair.
Asher says...Jay-sus. Asher means...Jesus.
Asher says...turn it on. Asher means...Tylenol.
Asher says...buur. Asher means...bear.
Asher says...hainds. Asher means...hands.

Anyway, he's doing good at school. When Roger picked him up he pointed out some of his friends and told us he ate noodles and chocolate. Actually he tells us that everyday, but I don't really believe him. I think they eat rice, too.

On the potty training front, Asher has been doing pretty good while ate school. I think he's only had one accident at school and I'm not sure if it was a language problem or just an accident. I tried to teach him some Thai words about going to the bathroom, but he made it pretty clear that I was not allowed to try and speak Thai with him.


Anthony & Sharon said...

"...doing pretty good while ATE school..."??? I think I have a clue where he's learning how to say Jay-sus! ;) ;)
Isaac has his own accent too...and like Asher's it can't all be blamed on the Asian influence at school. I can't even explain how he says "g" while singing it in Bahasa AND in English... so strange. Oh well!

So glad Asher is liking school!!! Praise Jay-sus!

Brittney said...

LOVE IT! Give us the details of his school days :) We had been debating about a few day preschool thing for Anna but it's expensive for a 2 year old to go to preschool! We're thinking of waiting till next year but I'm curious about what Bangkok had to offer :) Chat soon friend.