29 March 2012

Around the Town

We sat at a red light for 22 minutes yesterday. 22 minutes and it never changed from red to green. The average commute time in the US is 21 minutes. The average commute time in Bangkok: 2 hours. I'm proud to say we have a shorter than average commute (most days).

While it was a long light, the boys didn't seem to notice. I guess that's sort of sad. They actually think it's normal to sit in traffic. Actually, they were very entertained by some new tubes of toothpaste. We have another friend heading back to the US and we are, as usual, inheriting the things she doesn't want to take home.

Hot season is here and along with that comes sweaty little boys. They look like they just got out of the tub even while sitting in front of the fan. Hot season also brings prime clothes drying times. I can get my diapers and blue jeans dry in mere minutes.

We had some new friends over today. Their little boy is 7 and Asher was so excited to get to play with a big kid. They had a blast running around the house playing all of those games little boys love to play.

After nap time Asher started crying because he couldn't open his door. I went up to see what the deal was and found he had managed to lock himself in his room. For some reason his room has three separate locks on the inside of the door. He got the bright idea to play with them and then he couldn't get them open. I spent a few minutes calmly talking to him, a few minutes freaking out and then he finally managed to unlock his door. Crisis averted. I had no idea how we would have gotten into his room.

Jack occasionally accidentally walks. Like at playgroup: he had his hands full of food and walked right across the room. Then he ate his snack and had his hands free, so he plopped back down and crawled back to the snack table.

After a rough few months Jack does appear to finally be healthy. After two ear infections and a case of salmonella that just wouldn't go away he has returned to his normal smily self. He also came out of all of that with 6 new teeth.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Salmonella? Bless his heart! I LOVE his hair. :)