17 March 2012

Project 365: 71-77

Day 71

We had a very special plan for the afternoon. First, we got to ride a big bus. Asher got his own seat next to the window and he was so excited. I was a little worried that he might fall out the window. The bus took us to the big park so we could run around and go over a bunch of bridges. Then we took the big pink bus back home.

Day 72

Our new favorite snack is applesauce. I usually don't buy it because it's pretty pricey here, but lately apples have been on sale and we have been making big batches of homemade applesauce. Asher was a big helper, he poured in the sugar and helped me stir.

Day 73

The boys went exploring in the yard. Evidently our water tank was very fascinating and required a bit of attention.

Day 74

Asher has some beautiful eyes and some very long eyelashes. When Roger first saw this picture he didn't realize it was Asher, he thought it was a little girl.

Day 75

We got a babysitter for Jack and took Asher out for a special morning with mommy and daddy. We hit up the play place for some air-conditioned fun before heading over to one of our favorite restaurants for some pizza.

Day 76

We got up and enjoyed some March Madness with our breakfast. Kentucky won and Asher was excited about seeing the cars in the commercials.

Day 77

After seeing the picture earlier in the week of Asher's eyes, I wanted to get one of Jack. He has some big, blue eyes just like his big brother.

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