03 March 2012

Project 365: 57-63

Day 57

Ahh, at least in pictures it appears that they play happily together. Actually they are getting better and managing to play near each other without driving each other crazy. Unfortunately they just both love cars and bikes and like to play with the same thing at the same time.

Day 58

We went to a birthday party and came home with a lot of leftover Indonesian food. I forgot how much I love mie goreng and Jack seemed to like it quite a bit as well. It was fun being around Indonesians after being in Thailand for 2 years. My friend introduced me to her family and told them I could speak Indonesian and they went with it. I could understand the basics of what they were saying, but for the life of me could only respond in Thai. By the end of the party I did finally manage to answer a few questions and figure out that they used to live in Surabaya just like us.

Day 59

Jack's first taste of cow milk. He seemed to like it, but preferred pulling the straw out and squirting milk everywhere to actually drinking it. The next day we went for a sippy cup.

Day 60

I bought these stickers at Target when we were in the States last fall. Just pulling them out reminds me of how easy (and well decorated) life could be if I just lived near a Target.

Day 61

Asher's new bedtime song is How Great Thou Art. He likes to sing the chorus in Thai and since it's a simple chorus we can actually sing along with him. Pulling up bilingual lyrics at bedtime makes me thankful for iPhones.

Day 62

Jack and I needed to pick up a few specialty items (you know, like flour and bananas, stuff that the normal store just didn't have) so we headed to the fancier grocery store in the basement of the mall. We perused the organic olive oil selection, daydreamed while checking out the cheeses and then bought our fruit and took a motorcycle home.

Day 63

Another day and another fight over Asher's bike. Finally tonight we reached the compromise of Asher holding Jack while they rolled around the living room and kitchen. It actually worked and kept them both happy for a solid 5 minutes. Can't complain about that.

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Tesha said...

I found you from Kelly's link up.
Oh what sweet boys! I take it you are missionary wife? I am so amazed by the brave few that give up everything to serve the Lord. We live in CA were my husband pastors a pioneer church. My husband always says you better learn Spanish because you just never know! I could see us someday going oversees. I just started blogging when our Baby was stillborn on 1-24-12. It is a good way to vent my feelings. Thanks for sharing your life.