27 March 2012

Project 365: 78-84

Day 78

We headed to the Train Park Sunday evening. It's this huge park right in the middle of all the skyscrapers and yes, it even has an old train. Our favorite thing is to rent bikes and ride around for a while before buying some amazing grilled chicken and heading home for dinner. This night we took a pit stop at the playground and let the boys climb around for awhile before we finished our bike ride.

Day 79

We are enjoying Asher's summer break (most of the time). The boys spent a whole morning playing in Asher's room. Jack's favorite part was sitting at Asher's little table. He thinks he is so big when he sits in that little chair.

Day 80

When Jack gets tired of trying to climb on top of the living room air conditioner he crawls on over to the bathroom and starts going at the toilet. He is obsessed with the toilet brush and every time I hear a little splash, splash I know where to find him.

Day 81

Asher got hold of the extra cell phone we keep for visiting friends to use. He was a little upset we didn't have an extra iPhone for him, but he was making do with the old Nokia.

Day 82

We headed up to our neighborhood restaurant to order our rice for lunch. It's rather rustic, with dirt floors and some old plastic stools at wooden tables, but the food is amazing.

Day 83

We had a bit of a traffic jam during playgroup. Asher sat behind Jack saying, "Red light Gack! Stop! Ok, green light. Go Gack. Go! GO! GO! GACK! GREEN LIGHT!" I intervened before Asher's road rage completely took over.

Day 84

Saturday morning we hit up the play place with some friends for a morning of air conditioned fun. Hot season is starting and we are becoming more and more appreciative of climate controlled activities.

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