11 March 2012

Project 365: 64-70

Day 64

We got a little bored on Sunday afternoon, but thanks to a friend I had a new idea to try out: mattress sliding. It was sort of fun, but really the boys got a bigger kick out of just seeing the mattress laying on the floor. We spent a while wrestling around on it and giggling.

Day 65

My purse is now filled with these little tickets from my newest mode of transportation: the bus. I know, I know. It has taken me two years to get brave enough to ride the bus. Actually, where we used to live the bus wasn't really an option, but now we live near a bus stop and it's an easy ride down the street to the train station. Asher loves that we can ride the bus and begs everyday to ride the bus home after school.

Day 66

I think you could call this picture "Uh-oh, it's 11 pm and I forgot to take a picture." Roger has a nice tie collection going these days. Good thing because he has to wear a tie to work almost everyday. If you know Roger then you know that he absolutely loves it.

Day 67

It's mango season (I think?) or at least there are suddenly lots of mangos at the store. I like to get the sour ones because they aren't juicy and I can hand them out as snacks wherever we go.

Day 68

Jack was fussy. Asher was being mean. I put Jack in the shopping cart and it made him a little less fussy, but didn't help Asher's mean-ness.

Day 69

Jack and I joined a new playgroup. I'm pretty excited about making some new friends and having something to do with Jack during the week. There was even a little girl in the group that has the same birthday as Jack! What was even weirder was that her big brother and Asher were born one day apart. I think we were meant to be friends.

Day 70

We broke out the finger paints on Saturday morning. Jack just ate his before rubbing it all in his hair. Asher painted a few masterpieces that he wants to hang up in his room.

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