23 April 2012

Project 365: 106-112

Day 106

Asher wanted to match Jack so they both wore their boat shirts to church. This was our second Sunday to visit an English speaking church. Asher and Jack get to go to their own classes while I get to go to church...for the first time in almost 3 years. Everyone was happy.

Day 107

Asher had a Skype date with Mimi. I think they were reading some books or looking at her dogs, his two favorite Skype things to do.

Day 108

Everyone is happy that Jack has his own bike. Now we can all go for bike rides in the evenings and we can all be happy about it, at least most of the time.

Day 109

Asher boy is out-growing all of his shirts, so we got him a new airplane shirt. With two wings! And big engines! And clouds!

Day 110

At the end of May we are being invaded by Mimi and Uncle Mel. We finally got their tickets bought, now the waiting begins. I'm already looking forward to a summer full of not washing dishes and date nights with Roger. It's nice to have a Mimi that doubles as a housemaid/nanny when she comes to Asia.

Day 111

It's hot, ya'll. And we're sweaty. For the past week or so we have been right at 95 everyday with a heat index near 110. If we have to move away from the fans we start to melt and we haven't been going outside much before dark.

Day 112

We went to the mall to beat the heat (they have air conditioning!) and we stumbled upon some cars for Asher and Roger to admire. Asher wants the Maserati for himself, but he's going to let Jack take a Porsche.


HannahRose said...

I LOVE Asher's grin where he scrunches up his nose! So cute! :D

Anthony & Sharon said...

Yay for Mimi coming! And I feel ya on the heat, though, mercifully, this has a been a pretty rainy dry season (but would you trade the heat for another flood? Hmmmm...) I am 100% jealous of you getting to go to church while your boys go to a class where other people take care of them.