07 April 2012

Project 365: 92-98

Day 92

The trail of Jack across my bedroom floor. You can follow his progress as he made his way to the bathroom.

Day 93

The night before the big game I tried out a new recipe so that we would have some refreshments to accompany UK's victory. They were okay, but the blue icing was a hit with Asher.

Day 94

Somebody had to wake up early to watch the game. We usually just watch the basketball games online, but with UK in the championship we packed up and fought rush hour traffic to watch it on a television with some friends.

Day 95

It's almost Thai New Year and that means it's time for normally well dressed business people to be seen in these fantastic floral shirts. Asher wore his to school and thought he was so cool. Mimi asked him if he lost a bet.

Day 96

Spaghetti night was a big hit. Asher carefully ate his sauce (separate from his noodles) with a spoon and then ate each and everyone of his noodles. Jack stuck his face in the bowl and went wild.

Day 97

Asher went in for his dental check-up and came away with two balloon swords and a new bus. It was a successful visit.

Day 98

We were sitting behind this bus at a stoplight on the way home from the grocery store. It says, "Don't follow me, I'm lost." Lost might not have been the right word, but something was going on because the driver blocked an entire road trying to make a right turn from the far left lane. Also, how nasty is that bus. I don't like to think about all the junk we are breathing in.

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