14 April 2012

Project 365: 99-105

Day 99

Jack just looked too sweet in his little Easter outfit. Here's some culture: Thai people don't get the whole Easter outfit thing. There's no special clothes on Easter Sunday, no hats, no gifts, no special family gatherings. It shows us how much of our holidays (even religious ones) are defined by our culture.

Day 100

I went away for a few days. It was fantastic. I stayed in a hotel by myself, ate KFC and read a book. I went for some really long walks and hung out by the swimming pool. I even slept until 9 am.

Day 101

The part of the city I was in was filled with foreigners on vacation and they were all taking pictures. I tried to just be a tourist for a few days, but I feel silly taking pictures of the food vendors or the market. After two years it's hard to see Bangkok through the eyes of a tourist. This pictures was my attempt at trying to see something different.

Day 102

Back home with Jack. I had fun away, but I was glad to get back to all of the boys. I washed dishes while Jack put small things inside of something bigger. It's his favorite thing to do.

Day 103

Bath time! Jack was all soaped up and ready to be rinsed off.

Day 104

I have really generous friends. One of my friends is moving back to the States next week and she gave us this basketball goal along with a trunk full of other toys. It was like Christmas in April!

Day 105

We are in the middle of the biggest holiday of the year in Thailand: Songkran. It's the Thai new year and basically it is celebrated with a country-wide water fight. Most people head out of the city and to their villages to celebrate leaving Bangkok very quiet and traffic free. We took advantage and went to visit a friend that lives in a condo with a pool. After swimming Asher spent a long time staring out of the window that overlooked the skytrain tracks.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Gonna have to work out a way to get a few days by myself. But nows not the time to go dreaming about it as Anthony will be gone for 6 days next week...thinking of getting away will only make solo-parenting miserable! :) Little boys in big-boy underwear is one of the cutest things of all time!