12 April 2009

Beach Bum, Baby

Asher returned to the beach last week for another round of fun in the sand and in the pool. You may remember Asher's first trip the beach (click here to read about it), this time he was able to do a lot more besides sleep.

It was pretty chilly most of the time we were in Florida, but we still enjoyed some time out on the beach.

Asher didn't like the way the sand felt on his feet, so he spent a lot of time sitting with me in the sling.

It was way too cold to get into the ocean or the outdoor pool, but lucky for us the condo we were staying in had a heated indoor pool. We got Asher in his bathing suit and swim diaper, blew up his brand new (already has a hole in it) float, and jumped into the pool.

Asher loved the pool! He kicked his little legs so hard and spent a lot of time staring at that big turtle head. I can't wait to take him swimming this summer and to get him back to Asia so he can swim all year round.

We had a lot of fun going for walks on the beach. Asher rode in the sling the whole time we walked.

Here are some family pictures from our beach trip:

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Beth said...

I absolutely love the pics!!!! that camera is awesome...can't wait to hang out tomorrow!