06 April 2009

Sitting Tall and More Pictures

Look at Asher! He is sitting up (mostly) by himself. He has been working on it for a while and now he can sit and play with his toys for several minutes before he gets distracted and tumbles over.

Roger has been taking lots of pictures with his wonderful new camera. I think he is taking better pictures everyday. Here are a few recent ones.

Green Galore

Giggly Grin

Diaper Dude

Tiny Toes

Beautiful Boy
Tiny Teeth


Brittney said...

Those pictures are lovely! What kind of camera does Roger have? Has he been doing photography for long? I love the family shot with all the green. It's beautiful!

roger and courtney said...

He has a Nikon D90, it's a digital SLR. We got it at Christmas and he's been practicing with it since then. He has learned to take wonderful pictures!