27 April 2009

Sleep Week - Sunday & Monday

Bye-bye swaddle blanket, I've enjoyed sleeping with you for the past 7 months.

Here's what has happened so far.

Sunday Afternoon Nap - Asher cried for 45 minutes straight. We would go in to check on him every few minutes, but the crying just got louder. Actually this happened twice. Between the two attempted naps we put him in the stroller to go for a walk, he promptly fell asleep before we even reached the end of the driveway. I finally held him for a 30 minute nap and later he fell asleep while he was outside with Roger. Definitely not off to a good start.

Sunday Bedtime - This was Asher's first night to sleep without being swaddled. Asher fussed and cried when I put him down to go to bed, Roger went and calmed him down and he slept from 9 pm to about 10:45 pm. When he woke up I checked on him twice and then he fussed and moved around in his bed until he fell back asleep. I think he was only awake for about 15 minutes. He slept until 6:20 am. A very successful night.

Monday Morning Nap - I tried to keep Asher awake longer than usual, but by 8:30 am he was super sleepy. I put him down and after about 5 minutes of playing with his feet he started crying. After he cried for 3 minutes I checked on him and then left him to fall asleep. I think it took him about 10 minutes to fall asleep. He slept about 40 minutes (much better than his 30 minute naps) and only woke up when the phone rang. I tried to let him go back to sleep, but he was wide awake.

Monday Late Morning Nap - After being awake for 2 hours I tried to put him down for another nap. He screamed for about 15 minutes and I gave up. Besides sleep for about 5 minutes in the car he was awake until 2:30 pm.

Monday Afternoon Nap - I think it took almost 30 minutes to get Asher calm enough to go to sleep. I have realized that when he starts screaming he will not go to sleep, but if I can calm him down he can easily fuss himself to sleep. Once he calmed down he went to sleep in about 10 minutes and slept for 45 minutes. I would still like him to nap longer.

Monday Night - We had bath time, eating time and then rocking time. I put him down very sleepy, but still awake at 7:45 pm. I checked on him once after he cried for 3 minutes. After I left the room he quickly went to sleep. Around 10 pm he started crying, but according to Mimi his eyes were closed and he just needed his pacifier to go back to sleep.

Thanks for all of your suggestions, encouragement, comments and emails. I think if I can figure out a good schedule for Asher and be consistent with it Sleep Week will be a success.

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