25 April 2009

Meeting Maddie

After our big trip to Keeneland we headed to Louisville for a few hours to visit the Jacksons. Since we last saw Will and Beth a lot has happened, Asher grew two teeth and Maddie was born. Asher and I spent a wonderful day at home with Beth and Maddie. I had so much fun sitting around and talking with Beth while we fed our babies, took them to Target, cooked supper and changed a lot of diapers. After supper was over we took the babies (and the mamas and daddies) outside for a little photo shoot.

I held Asher and Maddie (or as I often call them "Masher and Addie") while Roger snapped away. He really captured the moment and who knows, maybe we will be showing these pictures at their wedding one day.

Asher didn't quite know what to think when he first met Maddie.

I think he likes her...

...and he wants to kiss her!

After having a little chat with Asher about not kissing girls (or trying to lick their heads) we headed out to Krispy Kreme. Maddie slept like a sweet little baby and Asher sat in a high chair wearing a Krispy Kreme hat and beat on a box of donuts. I love my baby boy!

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