19 April 2009

Keeneland's Best Dressed

Last week while we were in Lexington we took Asher to Keeneland to see the horses. He is a little young to know what a horse is and way to young to be losing any money at the track, but I think he still enjoyed dressing up and entertaining the crowds.

Asher's Granny got him this great little outfit, it was a big hit. Everybody at Keeneland was talking about the baby in the cute hat.

Enjoy some pictures from the beautiful spring day.


Anthony and Sharon said...

Seriously...Asher is SUCH a stud! When we come visit yall in the BKK the sky train won't know what hit them when we put our little men together! Isaac will only wear a hat at the beach (which reminds me I need to find one like yours that will go with various swim trunks!) otherwise he just takes it off and tries to put on our heads:)
Great to see things are going well!

roger and courtney said...

I can't wait to see those two on the sky train together, I'm sure they will have a blast!
I got Asher's hat at Children's Place for like $3. He seems to really like wearing hats, but that may be because he doesn't know that they are there.