02 April 2009

Six Months

Asher is a spiky, red haired six month old!
Sometimes the hair is not so spiky and sometimes it is more blonde than red, but it always makes people smile. The name "Asher" means happy and we love to see how happy Asher makes people. Every week as we go grocery shopping we watch as people see Asher and smile, every time we are at church we watch people rub his fuzzy hair and smile. We love that our son is such a happy baby and that he makes other people happy, too.

We haven't been to the doctor in a while, but I think Asher weighs about 17 pounds. He has just started eating cereal and some vegetables, but still loves milk more than anything else. Asher still rolls over all the time and is learning to sit up on his own.

Asher's favorite toy is his walker, he gets in it and zooms around the kitchen playing with his toys, opening and closing drawers and grabbing towels to stick in his mouth. When he gets tired of the walking he goes under the table and plays.

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