24 July 2009

Asher's Top 10 @ 10

It's finally time for another Top 10 @ 10. When Asher was ten weeks old we put together a list of his ten favorite things, now that he is ten months old we are making a new list.

1. Mommy and Daddy
These guys are the best! I like them so much that I sometimes refuse to go see anybody else. I love to grab Daddy's nose and pull Mommy's hair, I love to ride on Daddy's shoulders and ride in Mommy's sling, and most of all I love it when they tickle me and make me giggle.

2. Milk
This one remains as one of my favorites. I still love it and I refuse to start my day without it. Sorry, no picture for this one, Mom says that would be weird and Dad whole-heartedly agrees.

3. Green Froggy Blanket
I sleep with my blanket every time I go to sleep. I fall asleep best if my blanket is over my face and almost stuffed in my mouth. Mommy and Daddy have to come up and check on me and take the blanket off of my face after I fall asleep, but they say it is totally worth it since I will fall asleep by myself.

4. Guitar
A few weeks ago my thrifty Mom went to a yard sale and bought me my first guitar. It plays songs from The Wiggles and well, those songs make me wiggle. Sometimes Daddy gets out his guitar and we play our guitars together.

5. Pacifier
This is another holdover from my original Top 10 List. I have definitely not out-grown this and really plan on never giving it up. (Mommy says there is no way I am giving it up until after we make the 14 hour flight to Thailand.) I don't need it all the time, but I require it for falling asleep and often enjoy it while riding in my car seat or when I get fussy.

6. Playing Outside
My favorite outside thing is flying in a swing, but I also love strolling around, feeding the ducks and sitting in the grass. When I get bored and tired of my inside toys Daddy will walk around outside with me so I can check out the yard and play with the dogs.

7. Sippy Cup
For the past few months I tried to drink out of a sippy cup, but it was too hard. It was just too heavy and it was too hard to get the water out of it. The other day Mimi let me drink out of her straw, it took me a few minutes to figure it out, but now I love to drink out of straws. Mom went out and bought me a big boy sippy cup with a straw and I love it!

8. Swimming
I. Love. Water. I don't care if it's hot or cold, sunny or rainy, the bathtub or the swimming pool, I just love to be in the water. I'm glad I'm moving to Thailand so I can swim all year round.

9. Books
One of my favorite places to play is the corner of my room with all of the books. I play with my books by myself sometimes, but it is even more fun if somebody reads a book to me.

10. Mobility
I love to run around the house in my walker and I am trying to start crawling. I can also walk around if somebody will hold my hands so I don't fall down. I love to get into everything and I love to chase people.

Thanks for reading another Top 10 @ 10, I hope you learned a lot about me!

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