23 July 2009

Ten Months

Asher is ten months old. He is starting to crawl, although at this point it's more of a lunge/scoot and it usually ends with him being frustrated he can't get to where he wants to go. One of his favorite things to do is to walk around holding our hands, he gets so excited and can walk pretty fast.

Asher still loves to be around people, but he still prefers to be held by me or Roger while he is with people he is unfamiliar with. I have been told that in the church nursery he gets more excited very time a new baby gets dropped off. Hopefully this will make his transition to daycare easier. Starting next week Asher will be in daycare Monday - Friday for about 6 hours a day. This will be the first time he has been without Roger and I during the day (I'm thinking this will be much harder on us than it will be on him).

Next week will also mark our move to Asher's third home in the past ten months. This one will be pretty short term, only eight weeks. We are praying for a smooth transition for all us and I expect Asher will do great as always.

Coming soon, in honor of Asher's Ten Month birthday, another "Asher's Top 10 @ 10"

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