25 July 2009

Money Saver

I'm really not the best at being thrifty, but I try. For example, I went to a yard sale a few weeks ago and got Asher a bunch of really cool toys for really cheap. Another big thing I have done is to shop at consignment shops for clothes. I am trying to buy most of Asher's clothes for the next several years and since I am shopping at consignment shops I have been able to get name brand clothing at a great price.
Usually my money saving ventures fail. We tried the whole Dave Ramsey put your money in an envelop thing. Didn't work. I threw away the envelope with the gas money in it and it made me into a cheapskate that wouldn't allow Roger to buy razor blades.
All of that to say that I thought of a new way to save money. Asher loves to swim and that meant we were going through a lot of swim diapers and those are some very expensive diapers. I reused some of them, but thought that there had to be a better solution. I searched online and found cloth swim diapers. I bought two different sizes of Imse Vimse swim diapers and these two diapers should last until Asher is potty trained.

So far they have worked well for us and as an added bonus Asher looks super cute in them!

I usually put swimming trunks over them, but sometimes he swims in just the diaper. I went ahead and only bought yellow and green so that any future children we may have could also wear them.

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