15 July 2009

Food Fun

At Asher's last doctor's appointment he was rapidly approaching the 20 pound mark, I attribute that to his love of milk and baby food. The boy loves to eat!
When Asher first started eating baby food I decided to try making baby food instead of buying it. I was very surprised how easy it was. Homemade baby food sounds like it would be difficult, but really all I do is cook it, put it in the food processor and then freeze it in an ice cube tray. Some foods are even easier because they don't have to be cooked first.

When Asher was just starting out eating solid food I would make them thinner and smoother, now that he is older I make them thicker and chunkier. Even easier than food that doesn't have to be cooked are the foods that don't have to be prepared in advance. I just mash up a banana when it is time to eat and I found out that it is cheaper to buy organic applesauce than to make it.

Asher's favorite food is sweet potatoes, so if I do come across a food he doesn't love (peas, corn) I can mix a cube of sweet potatoes in and he will love it! Some of the foods I make the most are avocados, sweet potatoes, chick peas, pears and prunes.

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Beth said...

I made my first batch of butternut squash tonight...I'm pumped....she's still not taking the bottle though...poo. Anyways...love the pics!