26 July 2009

Meeting Maddie (Part 2)

Asher and Maddie got together for a little dinner date recently in Bowling Green. In honor of Asher's big move to Bangkok we met at a Thai restaurant to eat and then headed over to Starbucks to catch up. Here is the night in pictures.

The evening started out with dinner chaperoned by Maddie's Daddy.

Asher and Maddie hanging out at Starbucks.

Asher makes his move.

Maddie makes Asher all googly-eyed.

Rejected. Poor Asher!

Asher and Maddie don't know it yet, but we have already conspired with their parents and arranged their marriage. They even have a celebrity couple name: Masher!
Unfortunately Asher and Maddie will probably not see each other for a while, but we are looking forward to seeing Maddie and her family whenever we can.

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Beth J said...

Thanks for meeting us again! We hope you're doing well and we're pring for you all...and I haven't forgotten the sling. send me your address in RVA and I'll get it to you...