08 October 2010

Another Day in BKK

What are we up to right now?

Well, here's your first clue: follow this link and I can tell you I am recreating one of these pictures.

Your next clue is that I am definitely not eating at Chili's or bicara Bahasa tonight.

The boys are not with me (well, one of them is), but I hear that they had a manly night filled with pizza and movies.

I have eaten Cinnabon, soaked in a bathtub and pretty much not accomplished anything since 3 pm today.

Just wait...I will post a picture soon.

In other news...
Asher and I went to a Science Center today. Who knew there was one in Bangkok? And that it is free for kids under 3? And that they actually have an entire floor for preschoolers? Now, it wasn't exactly shiny and new and up to American safety standards, but it was fun and air conditioned and for me that was enough.
Asher seemed to enjoy himself. After we got home I asked him about it and he told me, "Taxi. Big Bus. Taxi Asher taxi. Asher taxi? Truck. Baby. Bike." Which of course means that we went in a taxi and while were in the taxi (of course, this is Asher's taxi) we saw a bus. When we got to the Science Center Asher played with all of the trucks, saw a baby and also got to sit on a bike.
I didn't think to take the camera with me, but next time I will.

Asher now has a sheet for his big boy bed thanks to our across the porch neighbor, Aunt Marsha. In fact he has four sheets. His bed is a weird size so we sent Mimi to Atlanta to IKEA to get him some sheets. I am proud to report her first IKEA visit was successful. But, since those are obviously 10,000 miles away for the time being we also sent Aunt Marsha to Chinatown for material and she whipped up some sheets for us to use for the next little bit. I think next weekend may be when we attempt to get Asher to sleep in the big boy bed. I am in no way optimistic that this will be successful. Not that I think the whole getting out of the bed thing will be a huge problem, but I think he will be scared to death of the new bed. He freaked out last week when I tried to get him to sleep with a small pillow in his crib.

Anyway, that's what's going on in BKK. Asher pictures and belly pictures coming soon!

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