09 October 2010

29 Weeks

Well, since I'm sure the suspense was just killing you I will answer the question of what I was up to last night. I spent last night relaxing at a hotel here in Bangkok...ALL BY MYSELF! I went to dinner with some friends, got a new book, ate some Cinnabon, went swimming and just generally enjoyed relaxing, resting and being alone.

While I was at the hotel I realized that Roger and I stayed at this same hotel when I was just about at this point in my pregnancy with Asher. And then I realized I had brought the same shirt to wear that I was wearing when I took a belly pic at this hotel.

Asher in 2008

Baby Boy in 2010

I also realized this weekend that I feel so much better than I did when I was pregnant with Asher. Roger thinks it probably has something to do with the 150 steps I climb everyday going to and from school on the skytrain and the 2 year old I am constantly chasing.

Monday afternoon we are going to get to see our littlest boy again, so hopefully we will have some more pictures of him soon.

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Brittney said...

How cool is this post - Momma time all to yourself and the picture of you with the same shirt/background! What are the odds! So cute. You look great and I am glad to hear you are feeling good too. It's funny how toddlers keep us busy and in shape at the same time :)