13 October 2010

30 Weeks

We had an ultrasound this week and were happy to see that Baby Boy is still a boy and still very healthy. With 10 weeks to go he is weighing in at 3 lbs 2 oz (1431 grams). Who knows, maybe he will even be here sooner than that. The measurements they took had him at anywhere from 30 weeks 3 days (his big head) to 28 weeks 5 days (his little legs). So again it looks like I'm going to be having another baby boy with a big noggin'.

Here's my other baby boy and his big head showing off his little belly along with my big belly.

I pointed to my belly and asked, "What's this?"
He immediately, and confidently, answered, "Ball!"

Who thinks he's going to be disappointed when December rolls around and we end up with a new baby instead of a new ball?

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Wow the difference a couple weeks makes on the belly! It's definitely popped a bit more! We know all about big-headed baby boys:) A bit of trouble during labor, but stuffed full of fun once he's out!