22 October 2010

Around the Hampton House

Here's a peek into our daily lives here in Bangkok.

Most days after breakfast I try to get some housework done. Asher starts yelling, "MOP!" as soon as he sees me get the broom out and continues to yell it until I have all of the house swept and the mop and bucket out. Then he usually runs and hides because he knows he will get in trouble if his little feet touch my clean floors before they are dry. On this particular day he gained control of the mop and showed off his skills.

Some days we try to get into the kitchen and make something to snack on (usually it's not brownies, but the pictures are too cute). Asher has recently started to enjoy standing on a chair and helping me mix together all of the ingredients. Our favorite new recipe is for Giant Breakfast Cookies. Asher loves to snack on them, in fact he yells, "SNACK!" when he gets hungry in the mornings.

Today we added a new type of fun to our days at home: backyard baby bathtub swimming! I know, I know, it's pathetic. But really, if I thought Asher would swim in a small pool I would go buy him one. In fact we have already bought one such pool, it got filled up many times and never used. He wouldn't get in it, so I eventually gave it away. Now of course he is super interested in swimming. Every time he sees his swimming trunks he yells, "POOL!" even though he hasn't been swimming in months. I would love to take the boy swimming everyday, but the pools near our house are so expensive. Lucky for Asher I bought a baby bathtub today. I tried explaining that it was for the new baby to take a bath in, but Asher got no farther than seeing it as a swimming pool. So I put on his swimming trunks, gave him a cup and put him out in the backyard. I had no hope of him actually being entertained by this, so you can imagine my surprise when he got in the (freezing cold) water and started splashing. Thirty minutes later I realized that:
A. I had just managed to get laundry done without my little helper "helping" me hang up the clothes on the clothes line.
B. Asher was still playing in the water and enjoying himself.
C. Equator, close to lunch time, white baby turning pink...oops.

And then comes the most exciting part of the entire day: waiting for Daddy to come home. Roger studies Thai each morning and then grabs lunch for us on the way home. We eat Thai for lunch everyday, so that means rice and veggies. Asher loves to stand on the couch and watch for Daddy. Asher loves Daddy, but Asher also really loves rice. Enjoy the video.


Brittney said...

Great post!!! Thanks for letting us peek into the Hampton household - how great that you involve Asher in your everyday things. Him and Anna are floor sweeping food lovers :)

Anthony & Sharon said...

Cute! I love this. Asher reminds me so much of Isaac (6 months younger version) Thanks for the glimpse into your lives!

Have you posted pics of your apartment? Decorated and all? I want to see if you haven't! It helps to know for when you tell stories:)