29 October 2010

32 Weeks

So it begins...

I've finally started getting ready for Baby Boy. The baby clothes have been sorted and the first load has been washed and dried and is now laying in a pile in Asher's closet.
I thought getting started on the laundry would make me feel more prepared for the baby's arrival, but I think it's had the opposite effect. Now I'm just realizing that I really need to clean out Asher's closet.

And here's the belly, 32 weeks big. Everything is still going great, I feel fine and Baby Boy is kicking around as I write. I have to go to the doctor every 2 weeks now. I think this is normal? With Asher I think I just went once a month up until his due date and then I might have gone every week after that. I think my doctor here might be a little more on top of things than good 'ol Dr. Pujo was.

The poor boy almost has a name. It's down to the final two. I have my favorite (it's been my favorite from the very beginning) and Roger changes his mind pretty much every night. The good news is Asher can say both names and he sounds very sweet saying them. I guess we will decide eventually and until then he will just be the poor second child that doesn't even have a name.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Yes, the every 2 weeks thing is what happened to me... until 36 weeks, then it's every week. And even with my super uneventful uncomplicated pregnancy, I think I got like 4 more ultrasounds after 32/33 weeks!

Good luck with the naming! Maybe you'll have to meet him first to know who he is? :)