16 October 2010

Asher's Next Big Move

Well, we did it. We took the plunge. We kicked Asher out of his crib.

I really didn't want to do it. Asher LOVES his crib. He sleeps great at night, he takes long naps and he has never even considered the idea of trying to climb out of the crib. But in a few more weeks we need the crib for the new baby boy, so Asher had to move.

Of course as I thought about moving my baby out of his baby bed I got all nostalgic. At least this wasn't the bed we brought him home from the hospital and put him in or the bed he spent 6 months in Kentucky in or the bed he spent two months in Virginia in or the bed he spent 4 months in Vancouver in. But it was the only bed that was actually his, that we actually had to buy.

So I did what any emotional pregnant woman would do. I got out the camera and started creeping into Asher's room at night and taking pictures of him sleeping in his crib.

He's such a sweet little guy when he's all clean and comfy in his jammies, all snuggled up with his blanket and dog and passy.

Still the day came when we said we were moving him to the new bed. We put on the new bedding, got him a pillow and rearranged the room.

Here's a shot of the room with our previous set up.

We had Asher's big boy bed in the corner, but I don't trust him next to the curtains. He gets in trouble almost everyday for pulling on the curtains. And considering they are hung on a curtain rod that the neighbors helped me rig up I know they will fall down sooner or later. Plus I figured if we put his big boy bed where the crib used to be it would sort of be like he wasn't having to go through that big of a change.

Here's the new arrangement.

Of course this will all change again when the new kid gets here. We are going to just stick the crib in our room until we get the little one sleeping pretty well and then switch to having the boys share a room.

So, we had absolutely no faith in Asher making this adjustment. We just figured that we would try it, he would freak out and be scared and we would stick him back in the crib and try again later. After all, Asher did refuse to get in his crib the first night we gave him a pillow to sleep with (we removed the pillow and he went right to sleep).

Last night rolled around, Asher was a big apprehensive we could tell. Typically he gets really into prayer time. We have to pray for cars, taxis, bus, BIG BUS, the ceiling fan, etc. But last night he just sort of whimpered. We prayed for him to be brave and put him in the bed. We turned out the light, shut the door and I took up a post outside of his room so I would hear him cry or get out of the bed. Five minutes passed, then ten, then thirty. We never heard anything.

The emotional pregnant woman got her camera and went to check on her baby boy.

Sound asleep.

He slept all night. He woke up this morning and we found him sitting in his bed just like always. Nap time came around and he went right to sleep. He slept for his normal 2.5 hours and I went in to find him just sitting in his bed waiting for me to get him up. I don't think it's occurred to him that he could get up if he wanted to. I'm not complaining, it's just that this kid continues to amaze me with his sleep. We have moved 5 times (including two trips that should have left him jet lagged) and it's never interrupted his sleep schedule.

I just hope the next one is as easy.


The Gillums said...

Awesome! Way to go Asher!

Brittney said...

HOORAY!!! I love it love it! Congrats on the smooth transition. It's crazy what us parents think we have to get mentally prepared for and then our kids just kinda go with the flow. We're proud of you Asher!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Yay Asher! We had faith! Love those dino jammies, Isaac has the same ones:)

Mark and Beth said...

so glad the transition went so smoothly. hopefully he's still sleeping just as well in his new bed. i always feel the same when it's time for a transition with jake. it's not that i mind change. the saying, "if it ain't broke don't fix it!" just seems to explain what i'm feeling the best. however, jake always amazes me with his ability to adapt and move on. sounds like asher is the same way. we'll see how our new little guys do as they get older:) hopefully they'll take after their big brothers! hope you're feeling well- you look great!