14 March 2011

Baby Dates

I invited my friend Rebecca to come over the other day. She has a sweet baby boy a few weeks younger than Jack. The night before she came over she had the following conversation (that I am probably mostly making up since I don't really remember exactly what she said) with her husband.

Rebecca: Tomorrow I'm taking the baby to Courtney's house for a play date with Asher and Jack.
Husband: Play date? He's five weeks old. He doesn't play. Why does he need a play date?
Rebecca: Play dates are not for children. They are for mothers.

I told her that I completely agree. After all a 5 week old and a 10 week old don't play. They just lay there while the 2 year old runs around like a wild man. But, us mothers, we had a nice play date. We ate muffins and watched our babies lay there and talked while the 2 year old ran around like a wild man.

And then we took pictures of the boys.

Jack and Asher see the camera (or more likely Mommy). Daniel smiles.

Jack and Asher still see Mommy. Jack also grabs Asher's ear.

Daniel and Asher stare lovingly (or mischievously) at Jack. Jack still sees Mommy.

Asher must now see something exciting, like a bug or a muffin. Jack is unfazed.

Daniel finds his Mommy. Jack has his eyes on the prize. Asher is probably asking for more muffins.

And finally the spell is broken. The babies spot something off to the side and Asher is either really happy or really sad. Mostly likely sad because we ran out of muffins.


Emily said...

This is a funny narration of taking pictures with babies! I laughed a lot!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Exactly on the playdate thing! Glad you ladies had fun:)
Is Daniel part Asian? He's much browner than your boys...just wondering!
yay for playdates!

Mark and Beth said...

i wholeheartedly agree- play dates are definitely for the moms! especially because half the time the kids don't even play with each other, just the "new" toys:)