11 March 2011

Escaping the City

Last weekend we escaped the city and went to the beach for a few days. We went with several of our friends and had a great time hanging around the pool, getting massages and pedicures and eating a lot of food. The best part of traveling with friends: they help out with boys so Roger and I can have some fun.

And now lots of pictures of Asher and Jack.

Asher spent two hours in the pool, most of it was spent driving this boat.

Still playing with the boats. He did briefly enjoy jumping off the side of the pool before returning to the boats.

Asher post-pool in his towel.

Beach bum Jack.

Walking back to the room after swimming.

Jack sleeping on the beach.

Asher wasn't really a fan of the sand.

Jack's first time in the ocean.

Asher ate almost the entire time we were there.

Asher was scared of the water (amongst other things).

Baby Jack napped by the pool and even though he was in the shade he got burned.

Jack in his vacation clothes.


Bethany said...

Oh my gosh your boys are so cute! I hadn't seen this update on Asher (and now Jack's) blog. I LOVE IT! Miss you guys!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Ok so Isaac and Isaiah were sitting on my lap as I was looking at these pics. When we got to the one of Asher in his IKEA towel (from far away) I asked Isaac, "Look Isaac! What is that?!" His answer, "It's Isaac! And my towel!" Totally could see how he could get that mixed up when you can't clearly see Asher's face. I clarified it to him and he seemed to understand, sort of. The boys use their towels everyday.
Then as I scrolled down through the pics at every single one of Jack, Isaiah yelled "Bebe!" (baby:) and was so proud of himself for identifying a baby.
We will have to bring our towels when we come to Bangkok and all get one big stripe-ed photo in them:)