29 March 2011

We Bleed Blue

These two Kentucky boys (one of whom has never even been to Kentucky) are being brought up and trained in the way of March Madness.

Of course our March Madness is a little different: we get up at 4 am and eat waffles while watching the game.

Thanks to Granny Asher was well dressed as we watched UK make their way to the Final Four.

And this little guy was pretty happy to be wearing blue as well (he was also wearing his UK blue cloth diaper that I bought just for tournament time).

This coming weekend we are planning another morning of waffles and basketball with our boys while we teach them a few things about being from Kentucky.

Just so you know: Roger emailed the UK athletic department and said he would fly to Houston from Bangkok if he could get a free ticket to the Final Four. He even found a ticket from BKK to Houston for $1100. No luck with getting a ticket to the game, but the guy did email Roger back and tell him that a plane ticket from Lexington to Houston was $1100. How crazy is that?

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