22 March 2011

Sidewalk Chalk

We spent most of the past week in Chiang Mai going to meetings and hanging out with friends. Now we are back in Bangkok and trying to have some good, fun, stay at home days. We got sidewalk chalk, courtesy of some wonderful volunteers from Mississippi, while we were in Chiang Mai.

Sidenote: These volunteers were so stinkin' generous. Besides the fact they came all the way here to take care of our kids they brought us a lot of stuff. We ended up with new toys for Asher and Jack, bags and bags of snacks (supposed to be for Asher, but we didn't share), a new beach towel for Asher, and lots of Mary Kay make-up. They brought us Honey Buns! And those little white powdered doughnuts! And they watched our kids from 8 am - 5 pm!

So, back to the sidewalk chalk. We have a sidewalk and decided today was a good day to open it up.

Asher had fun drawing moons and scribbling all over the place.

Later in the afternoon Jack joined us (and he tried out the Bumbo chair for the first time).

I think Asher missed Jack last week, he seemed pretty excited to have him around today.

Roger got in on the fun and wrote us a little message in Thai.

To save you the trouble of going to Google Translate:
Step 1 - Daddy loves Asher, Jack and Mommy.
Step 2 - Jack, Asher
Step 3 - Courtney, Roger

I wish I had pictures to share from Chiang Mai, but Asher didn't sleep while we were there (Baby Jack remained perfect and slept perfectly) and we were all tired and grumpy and not in the picture taking frame of mind. And let me tell you, there is nothing as scary as a two year old waking up at 2 am, looking at you and saying, "Asher done sleeping!"


Mark and Beth said...

i hear you! jake woke up once in the middle of the night proclaiming, "jake wake up! jake get up!" oh no you don't, little man. mommy wants sleep:)

Anthony & Sharon said...

Holla for goodies from the US and free childcare from 8-5!!