01 March 2011


Last week Jack was wearing his (formerly Asher's) cute little monkey shirt.

I put him down on his belly for a nap and 2 hours later got him up. I lifted up his shirt to change his diaper and found this:

Mothering: Fail.

This morning I went to get Asher out of the bed. We played around for a few minutes and then I went to the changing table to grab a diaper. No more diapers. And I'm at home alone with Asher and Jack. And it's 8 am, both of the stores by my house open at 10 am. And I don't have a car.

Mothering: Fail.

Thank goodness for Bum Genius one-size diapers. I enjoyed cloth diapering two little boys in green diapers this morning. And I enjoyed washing an extra load of diapers this afternoon.

But then tonight came. Everybody had a bath. Everybody was in their pajamas. And by 8 pm everybody was in their own bed sound asleep.

Mothering: Success!


Emily said...

Oh, Courtney - I have been there! Luckily, the successes seem to outnumber the failures. At least in memory. What a great night to cap off a stressful day!

Mark and Beth said...

i don't see any of those as failures! i don't know if that's a good thing or not- maybe it means i have failures all the time and don't even realize it! it's all about perspective.

the imprints from the stitching went away, right? and it obviously didn't hurt jack because he slept right through it:) as far as asher and his diapers, you thought to use the cloth diapers for him- success! failure would have been a naked toddler running around peeing and pooping on everything!

thanks for sharing and making me smile. i love those pics of asher in the cloth diapers. they don't look quite as big on a toddler as they do on an infant:) cute either way, though!

Anthony & Sharon said...

A kid with a nap? Coming through in a pinch AND saving the planet and money? SUCCESS FOR SURE!
Cute pics too!