02 November 2011

10 Months

Well, after another long day of flying, Baby Jack made it back to Bangkok to celebrate turning 10 months old.

He is all over the place! Jack can crawl pretty fast and when he really gets going he does this funny one legged crawl. He pulls up on everything and can sort of take a few steps while holding onto the edge of the bed or the couch. Although he is far more mobile than Asher was at this age, I think he will walk later. Probably because Asher spent a lot of time roaming around in a walker and Jack's walker got all moldy when we were in the States.

Jack loves to get into stuff. He tries to take toys from Asher, he pulls over garbage cans and he has been known to pull up on the toilet and try to stick his hands right into the water. He's also been caught a few times in various dog bowls going after food and water.

I've mostly stopped making baby food and I've just been giving Jack small pieces of whatever we are eating. So far we haven't found anything he doesn't like. For breakfast I can give him a whole banana and he will just eat it. It's sort of funny to watch the whole thing just disappear. He also loves dragon fruit, carrots and rice (of course).

When we left Bangkok at the end of September Jack had two teeth. By the time we got back last week he had 7. Of course, they are all in various stages of breaking through and this has left him looking a little lop-sided at times.

After a rough month of jet-lag and sleeping with me, Jack has turned a corner and has become quite the little sleeper. I don't have to rock him to sleep anymore and he's been taking good naps. I did enjoy having a snuggly baby to keep me warm in America, but it is nice to know that he can fall sleep on his own.

Jack is such a content little guy. He loves to just sit and play. He loves toys and he loves trash. Anything can keep that little guy entertained.

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