09 November 2011

Shopping Carts and Babies

Here's some fun that the boys had while visiting Mimi and Granny.

Mimi obtained a shopping cart for the boys to play with at her house. After Asher spent some time pretend shopping at Big C (sort of like Wal-Mart) for 3-in-1 (sort of like coffee) he went shopping for a Baby Jack.

They both loved giggling as they went up and down the hall in the shopping cart. I chased them back and forth the whole time convinced that Asher was going to have one of his little "moments" and decide to dump Jack out of the cart.

The night before we left America we got out some pliers and pulled the shopping cart apart and packed it in our suitcase. It may seem silly to bring back something like that, but we felt quite justified when we went by the toy store the other day and found a similar cart priced at close to $50.

In case you were wondering we also brought back a disassembled bike, a play stroller, 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, Duplo blocks and squash seeds. Plus most of Target.

Granny had a great surprise for Asher when we first got to her house. Actually, her first surprise was a new Lightning McQueen. Then she brought out three wooden cars that were Roger's when he was a little boy. A few days later Asher started carrying them around calling them his babies. So, I did what any mother of boys would do. I got out my sling, put it on Asher and showed him how to carry his "babies" just like Mommy.

I only regret that I didn't get a picture of him "feeding" his babies when they got hungry. It's not often that you see a 3 year old boy attempting to nurse a wooden car.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

How cute! Don't you love seeing your boys play (nice) together??? Brothers are the best! And yes, it is regrettable seeing just how little wooden cars eat so they can grow up to be big wooden cars. :)