07 November 2011

An Update From (a partially flooded) Bangkok

Well, the flooding continues in Bangkok.

Did you even know it was flooding here? If you look outside our house you wouldn't know. But a few miles from here there is water washing away neighborhood after neighborhood.

Here's a video that's very popular around here. It's in Thai with English subtitles and does a good job of explaining just what we are dealing with.

Remember how we were supposed to finally move to a wonderful Thai neighborhood? But then we just went on vacation to America instead? It was a great neighborhood. And a fantastic house. It had 3 bedrooms, which meant that Roger and I would actually have our very own room!

Well, we didn't move before we left because it seemed silly to pay rent and not even live there. And then this flood thing started. It wasn't anywhere near that house for a few weeks. We even talked to the landlord and began getting ready to move. Then the water started moving and moving and moving. Now that part of town is under almost a meter of water.

Here's a few links if you are interested in what is going on around here:

Crisis Chic - Bangkok is a very fashionable place and like this site says, "Style shouldn't go out the window, just 'cause water's coming in."

Bangkok Post - An English language newspaper, but really you can't believe much of what they say.

Bangkok Under Water - Amazing photos from around the city.

Do My Shoes Match This Flood? - Roger says the shoe of choice among relief workers are Crocs. They dry fast and still protect the bottoms of your feet.

Other Tidbits:

We are sitting tight at our house waiting to see if the water makes it this far. We've been told to expect everything from a meter of water to nothing at all.

After two weeks of bottled water shortages we are able to sometimes find water in stores. Luckily we still have our trusty lady on the side of the road that somehow always has water for sale. Our home delivery of drinking water was suspended almost a month ago and the tap water is getting yellower by the day.

Roger went with a group from our church last week to deliver supplies and food to a community near the city. This community was under almost 2 meters of water. After riding in cars, trucks and boats they finally were able to tie up to a dock built at a 7/11 and pass out bags of food to those living there. Millions of people in the city are being displaced by the flooding. Our church (and many others) are housing people and using the flood as an opportunity for outreach.

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