16 November 2011

Some Asher Faces

One day Asher woke up from his nap with some serious bed-head.

Amazing, right?

While the camera was out Roger decided to take a few more pictures of his sweet 3 year old face.

If you are wondering what Asher's been up to lately, here's an update.

Due to the flood all schools have been closed in Bangkok for the past month. That means between our trip to the States and the flood Asher has been out of school for two solid months. I think we are all pretty excited that he starts back on Monday. During his extended fall break he has spent lots of time driving cars, bugging Jack, eating, running around outside barefoot, going to IKEA, reading books and learning the letter A. We've done some crafts (he loves glue and otherwise could care less about crafts) and we've taken lots of big rides in the car.

Asher weighs 15 kilos now and sort of thinks he's a big boy. Recently he's been a big fan of drinking water from water bottles, but has decided he doesn't want to drink milk. Pumpkin butter and toast are one of his new favorite snacks and his current favorite fruit is Dragon Fruit. He still prefers rice or noodles to most other kinds of food and will do almost anything for a glass of juice or a chocolate chip.

He still takes a long afternoon nap most days, usually he will sleep for close to 3 hours. Thanks to his new alarm clock he will stay in his bed until he sees the green light come on in the mornings and at the end of his nap.

Almost everyday we talk about flying on the airplane to America. He especially likes to recount the beginning of our trip when the airport car picked us up and took up to the airport, and then we got to get on a big bus, and then a big airplane, and then Asher sleep on the airplane, and Asher eat on the airplane, and Asher poop on the airplane! I think it was a life changing trip for him.

After such a long break from school I wondered how his Thai would be, but during dinner tonight he showed us all that he can understand everything we are saying. One of our friends was asking us (in Thai) when Asher's school would open and he answered her before we could.

Asher is such a sweet boy and a sometimes-fabulous-sometimes-terrifying big brother. He's a mess.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Sounds a lot like our 3 year old :) Yay for special alarm clocks!