25 November 2011

Meet Oatmeal

This is Oatmeal, our new dog.

He's a 9 month old Yorkie/Pomeranian. Which, yes, means that he is in fact a Yuranian.

Obviously he has some new buddies.

Asher goes back and forth from loving him to being terrified of him.

Jack just plays with him like he's another baby. They crawl around together, poke each other and chew on stuff together.

We let Asher name him and of all things he named him after his favorite breakfast food, oatmeal.

Here's Oatmeal's best trick: being a mop.

So far, he's a good puppy and pretty calm. He doesn't bark very much and doesn't seem to mind that he is constantly getting poked, prodded and stepped on by various members of our family. He did appear to have an adverse reaction to Target brand Puffs which is unfortunate because, well, we eat a lot of Puffs around here.

Here's a video from Oatmeal's first morning at our house. After sniffing Jack's bootie he started to get settled into his new home.

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