02 January 2012

12 Months

Although I absolutely love having a picture of Jack every month, I am glad to be done with the project. I'm out of ideas and he's done sitting in one place.

Jack weighs 20 lbs. 5 oz. and is 29 inches tall. The boy loves to eat and will pretty much eat anything. Especially if the older Thai women are feeding him. I love watching everyone's face at church as this little baby boy puts away plates of rice and veggies and eggs. His current favorite foods seem to be Basil Chicken with rice and Pork Omelette with rice. Coincidentally these are mine and Asher's favorites as well. And as we saw at his birthday party, the boy loves cake.

He is still sleeping great, usually I have to wake him up in the mornings and from his morning nap.

I'm not sure when the boy will start walking. He crawls so fast that I think walking would really slow him down. Jack gets into everything. It's like he has a danger radar: if there's something on the ground that could hurt him he can find it (and then proceed to chew on it).

Looking back on the past year it's almost hard to imagine the tiny baby, that last year fit into his stocking, is now our big, sweet Baby Jack.

And, yes, he is still Baby Jack. He always will be.

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