07 January 2012

Project 365: 1-7

The last time I did a picture-a-day project Asher was a 10 month old baby and I captured him everyday for 8 weeks while we were training in Virginia. I have been wanting to do a similar project again, but just never found the time time to start. Now, thanks to a new phone (with a great camera) and a new year, I'm ready to begin.

My goal is a picture every day in 2012. So far they are all Instagram photos, but we will see if that continues. And, I know there are 366 days in 2012, I just needed to give myself at least a little cushion in case I have a day of forgetfulness.

Before we begin here are my main subjects for the year: The Hampton Boys on January 1, 2012.

Day 1

Asher eating pizza for dinner because we moved and we haven't bought a stove yet. It's all Thai food (and the occasional pizza) for us until we are ready to make another big purchase.

Day 2

Asher got a train set for Christmas, he spends a lot of time building tracks and driving trains.

Day 3

Still on New Year's holiday, we enjoyed a lazy morning on the couch (also known as our bed, we are waiting for IKEA to deliver our mattress). Baby boys in footy pajamas are a great start to any day and poor baby Jack must have just woken up.

Day 4

The holidays are over and Asher and Roger are back to school and work. Jack got in the baby carrier and we headed off to the store to get our groceries. A good baby carrier is one of the essentials for living in this city.

Day 5

Our new bed finally arrives! We have been waiting a long time to have our own bed in our own room and after months on the couch we are sleeping good.

Day 6

Our new house is at the very end of the Sky Train line and I enjoy always getting a seat before the train heads in to town and fills up with people. In the afternoons I enjoy a nice quiet, calm ride on the way to pick up Asher from school.

Day 7

Asher and I stopped by the neighborhood restaurant to pick up lunch. Asher, Jack and Roger all had pork omelets with rice, I had fried rice with chicken and an egg. While we were waiting Asher had to have a big glass of ice water and go looking for the neighborhood chickens.

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