08 January 2012

Christmas 2011

This was a fun Christmas, really the first Christmas that Asher has gotten excited about. We started off the season strong with a Jesse Tree. Then Asher went back to school and we moved and that sort of fizzled out, but we still enjoyed our decorating (two times due to the move), playing with the nativity set and getting to see lots of Christmas trees around town.

Christmas Eve rolled around and Roger and I got to play Santa for the first time. We told Asher to leave some cookies out for Santa, he was confused about exactly who Santa was and why he got to eat cookies. After a few minutes of explanations and negotiations, Asher ate the cookies and we settled on Santa being the guy that would bring presents from Mimi and Granny in America all the way to Thailand. Forget the sleigh, he rode a big airplane.

Christmas morning we arranged all of the presents and got ready for the boys to wake up.

A few minutes later, we had this.

In between there was this.

After that we packed up everybody and headed to church to see our friend Ton get baptized.

Jack took off with some girls and had his picture taken a few times.

And then the boys tore up a couple of plates of rice and veggies.

To top off an already fabulous day some friends joined us for Christmas pancakes that night.

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