14 January 2012

Project 365: 8-14

Day 8

Sunday we spent the morning at church. I always have to take lots of snacks with us so that I can feed my kids and be prepared to feed anyone else that might get hungry. Asher is well known at church for his amazing ability to put away gargantuan amounts of food during church and still eat a plate full of rice and veggies at lunch. Jack is on his way to being just like his brother.

Day 9

I love taking pictures of Baby Jack when he is asleep. Every time I walk into his room and find him asleep I take more pictures. His little baby toes are so precious and amazingly don't look too dirty in this picture (it was early in the day).

Day 10

Tuesday Roger started a new term of teaching and the boys and I enjoyed an evening at home playing cars. Asher's favorite thing is to do is play "bad traffics" by lining his cars up in a single file line. Can you tell he lives in Bangkok?

Day 11

We headed back out to IKEA on Wednesday to get a few more big things for our house. Jack and I stopped for a quick photo before the shopping adventure began. That boy has a big smile and some big front teeth.

Day 12

Sports day at Asher's school was quite the event. After the parade of flags and students, Asher's class participated in a race. Asher didn't finish first but we decided to celebrate anyway by stopping for an Iced Cocoa on the way home.

Day 13

Another sleeping Baby Jack picture. Seriously, I can't resist him and his chunky little legs.

Day 14

Thanks to Skype the boys can talk to their grandmothers quite frequently. Jack loves to giggle and show off for the camera and Asher loves to just talk.

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