21 January 2012

Project 365: 15-21

Day 15

Sunday my boys did what they usually do: eat everything they can get their little hands on and then say they are still hungry. I guess we eventually got their bellies full because they came home from church and both slept for 3 hours.

Day 16

We met some friends at the park near our old house. Asher loves playing with his new friend Macy (he thinks her name is Racy) because she loves to run just as much as he does.

Day 17

On the way to Asher's school I snapped a quick picture of some of our lovely Bangkok traffic. It wasn't too bad this day, but later in the week it was awful. Asher's school is in the very heart of the city, surrounded by towers and malls and all the craziness of Bangkok.

Day 18

Jack woke up with bed head and a goofy grin (or maybe that's more of a smirk).

Day 19

We survived our yearly trip to immigration. Something about having to sit in an immigration office for several hours with two little boys makes me start dreading this day weeks in advance.

Day 20

We love to go for walks in the afternoon after Asher gets home from school. We join all the other little kids and nannies strolling up and down our street or Asher finds some other little boys to kick a soccer ball with. Asher usually rides his bike, but since he lost his bike privileges he settled for pushing Jack in the stroller.

Day 21

We were headed out to run some errands and I caught Asher relaxing for just a second. I'm just sad this picture didn't capture his Lightning McQueen watch, Woody band-aid and big red necklace. He was well accessorized.

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