28 January 2012

Project 365: 22-28

Day 22

A great thing about living in Bangkok is getting to catch up with friends that come through town to have babies and get new visas. In this case we were able to spend a couple of months with Eden's mom and dad while they were waiting for her to be born and now we get to see them every 10 weeks when they come to get a new visa.

Day 23

My afternoon commute varies from day to day. I have to get from our house to Asher's school and back. Today I took a motorcycle to the train station and I even got to wear a helmet. The temperatures are rising in Bangkok and I am starting to get a nice tan while waiting at stoplights.

Day 24

Jack's favorite sippy cup goes lots of places with us. A cup of water is all the boy needs to be entertained.

Day 25

Wednesday morning Baby Jack woke up screaming. And screaming. And screaming. He's normally a pretty calm little guy, so we knew something was wrong. We got dressed and I headed downtown to take him to the hospital. On the way I was talking to Mimi and she asked me to give Jack a kiss for her. Turns out he had a really bad ear infection and we got to spend Wednesday laying around recovering from our early morning.

Day 26

Roger was out of town for the day, so Jack and I took Asher to school on Thursday. They can be a handful as we join the throngs of people trying to get to work. After a walk, a motorcycle ride, a sky train ride and another motorcycle ride we made it to school.

Day 27

Playtime is always more fun at our house if there are several feet between Asher and Jack, but they love each other so much they just can't seem to stay apart. Or stop hitting each other.

Day 28

Let me tell you about great friends: they come to your house, bring you Krispy Kreme doughnuts and hang IKEA shelves in your kitchen. Asher has enjoyed having Macy and Selah (or as Asher calls them Racy and Baby Stella) in Bangkok for the past month and he was pretty sad to say goodbye to them tonight.

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