22 February 2012

The Big 3-0

Happy Birthday Roger!

We celebrated Roger turning 30 on Saturday. It's been a long time since we have had a chance to go somewhere without our kids, so we arranged for some babysitting and took off for a wild night in the city.

Originally we had big plans to go to this super fancy restaurant on the roof of a tall tower. If you have seen The Hangover 2, then you have seen the place and the amazing view. But, then we thought more and more about it and decided to go a little more low key and save some money so that we could really enjoy Roger's big 30th birthday present: This summer we are going to Hanoi for 4 days.


Last summer Air Asia had one of those amazing deals where you buy tickets a year in advance and get a great price. So, I secretly bought us two tickets and made my mother promise that she would come to Bangkok next summer and watch the boys for four days. I have been so excited about this for the past 8 months and I finally got to let Roger in my little secret. I think he was pretty excited.

Anyway, after scrapping our fancy restaurant plans we decided to just enjoy a nice dinner without our kids.

We went to a fun restaurant and had some great food.

He's not looking too old...yet.

Afterwards we headed off for a nice long massage. I mean, we do live in Bangkok, we have to take advantage of the cheap massages.

It was the perfect way to celebrate.

For now our celebration is put on hold with plans to continue the birthday party this summer in Vietnam!

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Anthony & Sharon said...

What is this "All by ourselves" that you speak of?