05 February 2012

Project 365: 29-35

Day 29

Asher wanted to help me with the dishes, so I let him wash the spoons. Just so you know how short our sink is: Asher is standing on the ground and he can reach the sink perfectly. My back may hurt from doing the dishes now, but I am dreaming of the day that Asher is old enough to wash them all by himself.

Day 30

Jack's favorite outdoor thing is Asher's new bike. This, of course, is the source of endless conflict. Luckily on this day Asher was running around kicking a ball and didn't care that Jack was going for a ride.

Day 31

We took a family picture (look closely in the upper right for Jack's head) on a tuk-tuk. We picked Asher up from school and went to drop off Roger at work. It was a super special day for Asher between the tuk-tuk ride and getting to eat dinner at Roger's office.

Day 32

Just a few of the goodies from our LOFBC friends. My new oven arrives tomorrow and I can't wait to start cooking.

Day 33

Asher was very proudly drawing pictures of cars.

Day 34

We took our volunteer group to visit our friend's coffee shop and learn more about what she does. Her coffee shop has amazing cupcakes and a big box of toys for kids to play with.

Day 35

Mimi got each of the boys a new toy, but being the brothers that they are they chose to fight over one toy and ignore the other one and then move to the other toy and fight over it. I do like that in this picture it appears that they are playing together.

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