20 February 2012

Project 365: 43-49

Day 43

We spent Sunday morning at the doctor's office finding out that Jack has another ear infection and a nasty cough. After the nebulizer treatment Jack immediately passed out in the baby carrier and slept all the way back to our house.

Day 44

Obviously Jack was feeling much better and he seemed to be back to his mischievous ways.

Day 45

Happy Valentine's Day! Asher took some chocolates to his teachers and got a lot of Valentine's stickers from his friends at school.

Day 46

I managed to catch a few relaxing minutes with Asher on the couch. His new afternoon routine is to eat two apples and watch a little television before moving on to more food and other more active activities.

Day 47

We finally got our new stove delivered and the gas installed. It was so nice to finally cook something that didn't involve the griddle or the microwave. My first project was to make us a healthy afternoon snack: garlic broccoli.

Day 48

While washing dishes I briefly lost Jack. I could hear him, but I just couldn't see him. He was playing in the kitchen and decided to just crawl right inside the cabinet.

Day 49

Happy Birthday Roger! We celebrated Roger turning 30 with a chocolate chip pound cake and a night out in the city.

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