25 February 2012

Project 365: 50-56

Day 50

Mimi sent Asher a new pair of jeans so he could look just like Daddy. Since our church nursery is the coldest place in Bangkok I thought Sunday morning would be a good time to wear them.

Day 51

Some friends were in town for a few days and we met up at McDonald's after school to catch up. Buying Asher that ice cream cone bought us an extra 20 minutes of chat time.

Day 52
I sort of forgot to take a picture during the day, so I used the flash to go in and catch a picture of my big 3 year old all cuddled up with his blankie.

Day 53

The after school taxi ride home was somewhat enjoyable once everyone got settled into their favorite spots. Asher has to sit on my left knee next to the window and Jack basically just needs to not touch Asher.

Day 54

Asher and his "amazin' terrible traffic" are a common sight on the couch. He spends a lot of time driving his cars into giant traffic jams and telling them that the light will change soon and they will all be able to go home.

Day 55

Baby Jack was ready for another nap. Roger is out of town most of this week, so of course Jack decided to get sick again. He spent most of the day throwing up what little he ate and the rest of the day wanting to sleep. I promise this kid only gets sick anytime Roger is more than 10 miles from our house.

Day 56

Asher desperately needed a hair cut. The back had gone from a little long to mullet in the past few days and something needed to be done. I loaded sick Jack up in the stroller and Asher and I walked up to the mall to get a haircut. It was 93 degrees when we made the 1.5 kilometer trek back home with Jack strapped to my chest, Asher in the stroller and a bag of Krispy Kreme in hand. I think we deserved those doughnuts.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

You may be growing up in a huge city if..."You play 'traffic jam' with your toy cars instead of racing." My boys play traffic jam and toll roads all the time! And Amen! to ice cream buying extra time!